Our artisans

At Antiqüa we are committed to creating unique jewelry, 100% made in Spain and relying on artisanal processes. We are infinitely lucky to have a team that perfectly understands the delicacy and quality of our product, which is reflected in a manufacturing process full of craftsmanship and love.
Each piece of jewelry travels through a careful work process, from the initial design concept to having it in your hands.

First, the prototype that we have previously made in wax based on our design is cast in gold. Casting work is tedious and requires very specific conditions for the result to be of quality. Our foundry, based in Madrid, ensures that our pieces are a replica of the initial design in 18k yellow gold or 18k white gold (which we will later plate in rhodium).

Once the jewel is melted, it reaches the hands of Pedro and Sabina. After more than 40 years in the profession, they are the perfect traveling companions for this project. They are the ones who follow the process very closely so that all phases are executed on time and with quality. They perfectly understand our taste and needs, so it is easy to blindly trust them with the execution of the process. They are the ones who review and polish the jewel to leave it practically ready, in the absence of setting the stones.

Here comes Alejandro, also dedicated body and soul to this profession, where he has been for more than 30 years. He always finds a solution to everything and manages to solve the most complicated jewels. He works with a level of demand and brilliant detail so the result is always outstanding.

Thanks to all of them we can offer you a product of as high quality as the one we have in Antiqüa. Each piece of jewelry is a project and is treated with the same care with which we have created this brand.

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