Antiqüa is born from passion, passion for jewelry and the history behind each one of them.
We believe that jewelry holds infinite stories that last over time, and are not only valuable and beautiful for what they are, but for what they tell.
Nature is present in all our designs; wonderful stones that come from distant places in different parts of the world to later be worked by Spanish artisans who have been creating unique pieces for years with methods that breathe tradition and culture.
In a world of immediate consumption like the one we live in, we wanted to create heirlooms that last forever. Let them weigh because of their meaning, because we believe in purchases as important decisions.
The soul of Antiqüa is born from two people. Both lovers of the world of jewelry with two very complementary visions - reason and art - and with a common source of inspiration - the women in our lives. They have been able to convey to us the importance of caring for and giving value to a material asset so that it becomes something unique, personal and eternal.
Our intention is to make you share in this feeling and that, this time, you are the ones who fill these relics with personality. And this is when the jewel begins its journey, to live for generations and tell its own story. Your story.