Isla_et_nomade x Núria

We have been lucky enough to be able to meet Núria @isla_et_nomade, who has shown us corners of the island of Mallorca where we can find inspiration. 

Who is behind Isla et Nomade?

I am Nuria, I was born and raised in the north, in the wonderful enclave of the Rias Baixas, in Galicia.
I studied music and graduated as a musical specialty teacher. After living in several very different places, life led me to discover the Balearic Islands, first Menorca and then Mallorca, where I currently live. I always say that the Mediterranean captured me, although the homesickness of my land does not go away and will never go away.
From that discovery, Isla et Nomade was born, a space that I don't like to define too much but that paradoxically defines me a lot, it is a window to an artistic concern that I have always had in the form of captures of trips, workshops, architecture, ceramics and so on. passions that define me.

When did your interest in art begin? What inspires you the most?
I have an early memory of my artistic motivation, my parents enrolled me in a music school when I was eight years old and since then I have been taking other paths, focused mainly on ceramics, interior design and photography... I enjoy capturing and sharing what I For me it generates emotion, which moves me.
I mainly find that emotion in everyday moments, but I feel that traveling multiplies that feeling. I like to explore places without necessarily having to travel too many kilometers. I like to rediscover places that are close to me or that have already been part of my path at some point, it is interesting to see how our perspective changes as we change too.

Is there a family treasure that you like to observe and enjoy in your daily life? What connects you to that object?
I feel absolutely attracted to discovering objects, especially antiques, so markets and small shops are my first addresses when I travel or visit a town or city. I love to treasure pieces that tell stories, so it is difficult to mention just one of those treasures but I would say a ceramic and wood chess that my father made by carving the pieces with an old knife, it is a true treasure that represents his interest in ceramics that I I have inherited
What is your corner of peace on the island? What do you like most about Mallorca?
The Balearic Islands have been an explosion of artistic sensations for me. In all this time I have met great artisans, photographers and artists in general whose center of creation converges on the island.
The natural wealth, the classic Mediterranean architecture, the serenity of the sea and its fusion with the mountains, the mild winters, the light... I also love the different contrasts of the Island, the inland towns and of course the Serra de Tramuntana where I currently live . I would say that my peace would be in the daily life of a walk in autumn or spring (my favorite seasons) around my house in Sóller.
Can you tell us about a reference for you in the art world?
I could mention many but I have a special predilection for the works of César Manrique in Lanzarote. I love the Island. It is one of my special and different places. Visiting it having read about Manrique's vision and passion is moving and not only from an artistic level but also from his tireless work for the conservation and preservation of Lanzarote culture.
I felt a magnetism that is difficult to explain when I visited his foundation and his house, places that I like to return to and rediscover again and again.
We greatly admire your look at the object and the space. What has inspired you about Antiquia?
From Antiqüa I would highlight what its pieces transmit, it is not just about aesthetic beauty, it is a trip to those jewelers of yesteryear in which each piece was special and passed from generation to generation, the selection of materials and qualities is exquisite.
It evokes in me the excitement of discovering in the attic of my grandfather's house or in the drawers of his workshop and that passion for objects that tell stories that I adore so much.