Yoli & Otis x Lena

Who is Yoli and Otis?

The names Yoli & Otis belong to my daughter Yolanda and her dog, Otis. He has since passed away, sadly but is still with us in spirit.

Where do you come from?

Carlo and I are from New Zealand, and the children are both born in Australia and grew up there, in Byron Bay, before relocating to Mallorca.

Why Majorca? What inspires you on the island?

We first met here on the island 10 years ago, for work... so already we have a very special connection together with the island.

Aside from the beautiful Mediterranean climate -

Words cannot fully describe quite how stunning the island is, or at least I wouldn't be able to do it justice. There is a certain magic to Mallorca, something to do with the light, the way it reaches across the Serra de Tramontana, reflecting the most mesmerizing colours. She meets the blue sky, drops straight into the sea.. with rows of orange & olive trees floating in between. We feel so safe and protected in her presence and so lucky to call Mallorca 'home'.

I'm inspired by the people who gravitate towards the island because of their love for creativity and nature combined. Allowing a diverse and international influence to flow freely and create connections, ideas and adventure... which I think are all incredibly crucial components to feeling truly inspired.

What does your production process consist of?

We work with indigenous Cotton — using all ancient techniques Ie cotton crop that's grown on rainwater without the use of any pesticides — handwoven on wooden handlooms without use of electricity - dyed using Ayurvedic herbs, plants and minerals.

Why do you choose these values ​​over fast fashion?

Fast Fashion is the mass production of cheap, poor quality clothing based on the latest trends, imitated in the shortest possible time. Weighing heavy on the environment our health and in most cases staff are underpaid and subjected to very poor working conditions.

It's our responsibility as the consumer and producer to work against these standards and steer towards creating fashion consciously.. with integrity and purpose.

Do you have any family treasures to pass on to your children when they grow up?

A few bits a pieces, one of which is from Carlo, a beautiful rose gold and aqua marine ring.. Yoli has had her eyes on it for some time now! Seeing her wear it one day will feel so truly special.

Which is your favorite Antiqüa piece?

So hard to pick just one! They're all so stunning.. but I would have to say either the Maiwen or the Margot ring... both are my favourites! The design and detail is so beautiful, almost ancient.

Describe your lifestyle in three words

Connection, nature, creation. 

Do you feel Yoli and Otis identified with Antiqüa? why?

As a brand and myself personally, I feel we identify with Antiqüa wholeheartedly. Through the creative adaptation of life, we discover love, sentimental purpose and charm in the small moments. Reserving space and thought for colours, light, texture & feeling and channeling it all into our dreams — both brands are a dream come true xx