Anne Lauer x Antiqüa

Anne @anne_lauer has opened the doors of her beautiful Mallorcan house for us to enjoy a summer afternoon and get to know her a little better,  

Who is Anne and what does she do?

I'm a photographer and creative who values ​​a slower pace in life.

Where does your passion for photography come from?
I have always been very visually oriented, I'm drawn to softness, slowness and things with history or tradition and I think I use photography as a way to try to capture that and share what I see around me. 
Why did you choose Mallorca? What made you fall in love with this island?
I think when something is right for you, you have the feeling that it chooses you. My partner and I love the natural beauty and culture of the island, the things people value here… family and friends, good food, tradition and being in nature.
Where do you find inspiration?
From a deeper place - in nature. From day to day though I get a lot of inspiration from tradition, I love slow and authentic ways of doing things, I think that inspires every aspect of my life, from my work, to what I wear, what I read, make cook, listen to etc. I really believe that living life in this way is so healing, for yourself but also the world around you.
Could you describe your lifestyle on the island?

 Unhurried and pretty laid back. We try to spend as much time in nature as possible and with friends. I enjoy crafts and have lots of hobbies so I spend a lot of time at home too, working on projects and creating, cooking or in the garden.
What would you say are your favorite plans on the island? your favorite corners?
The beaches and hiking here are so beautiful. In summer we spend as much time as possible at the coves and in the cooler seasons hike a lot of the beautiful trails here, some of them are ancient, it's almost the season for it again and I can't wait. We really enjoy spending time along the Tramuntana.
What values ​​do you share with Antiqüa?
I think we share so many; sustainability, slow and thoughtful creation, a celebration of tradition and romance!
Do you have any jewelry or family object that has emotional meaning?
Almost all of my jewelry has sentimental meaning, I mostly wear the same things over and over and most of it has been passed down to me or has been a gift. I'm engaged to my partner and so that ring feels so special to me, when I look down at it I'm reminded of our love and connection, especially the moments when we are not together or I am traveling, it feels like a talisman I always carry with me.